Monday, 16 May 2011

Don't be afraid...

When we all said goodbye to 2010, like everyone else I was excited, expectant...

Twelve new months seemed at the time, like a lifetime away but now that we're halfway through the fifth month (can you believe that?) I am asking 'where the heck is 2011 running to'

One of the things I was sure of was that I wanted to go out and gig a bit more, play my new songs and record an album; anything else, I wasn't sure about. I was however open to whatever God brought my way.

I promised myself to embrace change, appreciate the familiar and take moments everyday to be present and thankful.

So how's the plan coming along you ask? Nicely, I respond.

Last week, I started recording "PEN VOYAGE CHAPTER ONE; Singing For Change"

I haven't been in the studio since the last time with my contemporary UK Gospel collective 'GK REAL'... we're talking years here.

Not only that, where in the past all I had to worry about was come into the studio to record my assigned vocal part, with this project, I am involved from stage zero... It's new and challenging but also exciting. God had blessed me with people to help me bring this dream into reality.

And speaking of new experiences, a few weeks into the new year, I was given an opportunity to host a weekly Live Music event. My initial reaction was that of fear and then I thought...erm, 'why not?' I love live music in intimate rooms and space and Portobello Acoustic Sessions is just that.

Four months into this hosting gig, I have met some amazing musicians, it's crazy I tell ya, like good crazy!

I am sure the next seven months will be great, I know it will.

Here's my website if you'd like to come out to one of my gigs... be nice to see ya ;)