Monday, 29 August 2011

Singing for Change acoustic tour - Edinburgh Fringe

I just finished my first gig in Toronto and thought to catch up on my blog entry.

I remember my first few open mic features with my pick guitar! that was a year ago, how time flies.

On one of those late nights at a venue in London Kings Cross is where I met Paul (from the Anti-Poets) He offered me my first gig at the Camden Eye and has been a HUGE supporter ever since.

So Paul called me when he knew I was recording Pen Voyage chapter 1; Singing for Change and told me about an opportunity offered to them to play a full week at the Edinburgh Fringe on the Royal Mile, WOULD I LIKE TO PLAY A COUPLE OF DAYS?

Erm... yeah!

So, booked my ticket, booked my accommodation and waited for August to arrive.

This tour has been filled with lessons and experiences, one of them being, sometimes things don't go according to plan. Sometimes, circumstances beyond your control will come up and you just have to roll with the punches. For someone like me, that's not cool. I love to plan, make to do lists and organise some may say I am borderline obsessive... but eh!

So when our train that was scheduled to arrive at Edinburgh at 3pm was delayed by 180 mins!!! I had to remember to breathe BREATHE LANRE

As if that wasn't enough stress for one day, when we got to the guest house we booked, the manager told us there were problems with the rooms we booked so he has to drive us to a new accommodation he arranged for us.
The owner of the replacement B&B is the lovely lady called Grace and not only is she the best host ever, spending two nights at hers was a lovely I didn't want to leave ;)

For those who have never been to the Edinburgh Fringe, it's like creativity of all forms and shape decide to converge on one long Mile for days on end. AMAZEBALLS

For two days I shared my songs with people at the Peartree Garden with the rest of the RRRANTS team and I also had an extra spot to make up for the slot I lost due to the train delays.

I had a spare moment for Helen the caricaturist to draw me something too.. LOVE IT!!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Singing for Change Acoustic tour - Busking 101

Even though my album title is partly inspired by buskers, I have never busked before until I got a call to do so for the Mayor of London SkyRide campaign.

The whole idea was to play for 30mins with a 30 minute break at intervals of six slots. I said yes and then thought to myself "you must be crazy"

I was pleasantly surprised though as most of the Cyclers either waved as they pedalled past my spot or shouted a greeting or two.

Music is a major part of most peoples' everyday life so to be asked to play my songs was great, I imagined my voice and music serving as a soundtrack to their cycling.

My spot was extra special too. During my 30 minute break I sat at the bench in the park overlooking the lake and watched the ducks enjoying themselves.

When my slot was over at 4 o'clock that evening, I most definitely felt like a legitimate London Busker... If only for a day.

More stories on my Singing For Change tour to come..

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

LYRICS - Inspiration

I am here waiting for you
I've shut out everything else
To be with you
I'll do anything to see your face
Don't want to live without you another day
I know I take you for granted sometimes
Is that why you are hiding your face from me
If you say this time I promise
I'll make you proud of me

I love it when you come around
Always waiting to be found
You are my inspiration

You show up unexpectedly
You came chasing after me
You left everything to be with me
What a beautiful surprise this is
Heaven must besmiling down on us
Angels are dancing around us
You and I lost in this moment
I promise to make it count

I love it when you come around
Always waiting to be found
You are my inspiration

You and I together
That's the cry if my heart
You and I together
That's the cry if my heart
You are mine, I am yours
You are mine, I am yours
You are mine....

© Lanre Njoku 2011

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Singing for Change Acoustic tour with Lánre

Picture by Matilda Egere-Cooper

I have put together a mini-tour from today the 20th August till the 30th of September. I will try to blog about my experience below are some of the confirmed dates. Join me if you can ;)

Singing for Change Acoustic tour

Saturday 20th August

LIV(E) fundraiser


N7 0PS

Sunday 21st August

Busking at…

Mayor Of London Skyride Campaign

Mayesbrook Park RM9

Tues & Wed 23rd, 24th Aug

Edinburgh Fringe/Festival

The Peartree (Royal Mile)

Saturday 27th Aug

Greenbelt Festival (Cheltenham Racecourse)

Performance Cafe

Sunday 28th August

Spirits Bar & Grill

Toronto ON. M4Y 2G3

Monday 29th August

The Freetimes Café

320 College Street

Toronto ON.

Tuesday 30th August

The Liberty Bistro

25 Liberty Street

Toronto ON. M6K 1A6

Saturday 3rd September

Village Vapour Lounge

66 Wellesley Street

Toronto ON.

Thursday 15th September

Cameo feat. at Midé Unplugged

Arch 635

London SW4

Friday 30th September

Premier Gospel Presents..

Emmanuel Center

London SW1P 3DW