Tuesday, 16 December 2014

LIVE TV is nerve-racking

I haven't blogged in months, partly because i haven't been 'inspired' to do so. If I am really honest though, I think I really got lazy about documenting my journey.

It's however December and you all know the month of December tends to be when we take stock and promise to do better in the new year. I though instead of promising to blog more in 2015... why not just get on with it :-)

Yesterday. I was on London Live TV to perform on the Evening News Show. There was a lil' interview to start with. This is more like a mini chat where the artists gets asked questions about their journey. 

The usual... how would you describe your music question. You'd think i'd be used to answering those questions by now! oh nope. I still stutter when i get asked, how would you describe your music.

They mic, you and give you all these instructions that go in one ear and come out the other and a they count the presenter in... Four Three, Two...

I however survived and managed to enjoy myself. I edplay one of the songs from my current record, 'Memories' a song I wrote for an organisation that supports Alzheimer's research and awareness. 

Here's the link - let me know what you think ;-)