Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Drum Roll!!! and she shall be called...

Late last year when I went to my local guitar shop with the hope of buying an electro acoustic guitar to add to my Blue Vintage acoustic guitar, I was looking for something affordable that plays and sounds really well (I am still a guitar student; I picked up the instrument a year ago.)

The Shop assistant asked what I was looking as he took me round to showing me a selection of guitars within my price range. He took down a natural wood colour one and handed it to me to have a feel and play. As I started to strum & pluck, something caught my attention

The minute I laid my eyes on her, I had to have her.

I gave the guitar in my hands back to the shop assistant and walked straight to this lovely Pink Stagg electro acoustic guitar.... it was offered as a second hand sale and thankfully affordable.

I brought it home and my fiancé (now husband) said, what is this? (Still doesn't understand whyt I would go for pink! ;-o)

After a few rehearsals, I knew she had to be a girl (nothing to do with colour) for one, every gig I have taken her to, she gets all the attention and I get absolutely none. Which is good because then I am able to play with little or no pressure.

Yesterday, I decided to name her. After much thought I decided to follow the African community/family naming tradition by looking to the social network community of FACEBOOK and TWITTER. I declared my status a 'NAME MY PINK GUITAR DAY'

Over the Top (I know) but eh, why not ;)

At around 9PM I 'closed' the voting lines and started to count the entries; below are the submissions.

Pink Panther
Pink Lady
Pink drink
Raise your pinky
Queen Nefertiti
Hot Stuff
Strings attached
Jimi Hendrix
Pink strings
Pink Rock

Thirty one in all!!! my guitar is definitely African, specifically Nigerian. HA! For those who don't know, it is not unusual for Nigerians to have several names. The other day a friend told me she had just been to a naming ceremony and the baby girl had 21 names (YEP! you heard that right 21!)

So, I went through the list above and got rid of names like; Pink strings, Strings attached, Pink Rock, Plonky, Hot stuff, Plinky, Lassie, Rudolph, Pucksy.. just because;
1) the last thing I want on my hands is a bullied guitar and
2) I wanted a name that means something; we are Africans you see and names has to have meanings)

I also got rid of names like L’Oreal, Pink Panther and Twilight because as far as I am concerned, they aren't original enough.

The next to go was Lanre and Jimi Hendrix just because;
1) this guitar already competes with me when it comes to attention so, it won't be taking my names (my middle name is Jimi) and
2) Being named after the Legendry Jimi Hendrix will be too much pressure for my lil' pink guitar to deal with.

After sifting through the lot, I was left with the following names;

Queen Nefertiti
Oluwatobiloba (Tobi for short)

I had seven names to choose from and I just couldn't make up my mind or give a good reason why I would choose one above the other so I reckoned seven is a pretty good number; perfection, for those who are into numerology et al.

I think all seven names describe in one way or another what this pink guitar means to me (it really does) so this is what I'll do.. depending on how we feel on a particular day we may decide to go for all names or one.

SO tonight the 19th of January 2011, my guitar shall be called; Morenike, Fola, Oluwatobiloba, Angel, Stella, Jane, Queen Nefertiti by Stagg

Thanks to everyone who helped name her....

What's in a name you ask; another day, another blog I say!

and....Below is myself and Morenike in action (isn't she gorgeous?)


Khardey said...

Muhahahahaha..hilarious post, great concept!! Even though I did not win, I dare say the election was free and fair, and the underlying logic impeccable. Another time maybe..........

'Lanre Fajumo said...

Yes! maybe when I am naming my man guitar! hahaha! I might just go for Rudolph cos that thing is a wild wolf!

Tola said...

You my friend are a joker...say hi to Nike for me!

'Lanre Fajumo said...

I sure will... hehehe!

9jaCanadian said...

haha... Morenike!!
so where's the party @? you know no naming goes without food and drink and with 7 names, na to give us better food o! :))

'Lanre Fajumo said...

food and drinks will be delivered to everyone's doorstep!! Na Saara now! LOL!

aflo said...

yipeeee!!!! i gave her angel!
*doin the galala dance*
oya o, ounje lo ku bai...

Plumbline said...

Now that the naming is done/Food and Drinks for Every One

Hahaa..but usually, the number of African names usually depend on the number of 'stake-holders' in the Family..hehehe

'Lanre Fajumo said...

LOL! @ Aflo & Plumbline... na saara day o! so the food will be distributed and taken to everyone's doorstep. If you are not home we will give it to the gateman... you know what that means LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well done and welx to Morenike. I am sure she feels very special! :)

'Lanre Fajumo said...

Thanks U'berlogger & yes Morenike feels very special ;))