Monday, 29 August 2011

Singing for Change acoustic tour - Edinburgh Fringe

I just finished my first gig in Toronto and thought to catch up on my blog entry.

I remember my first few open mic features with my pick guitar! that was a year ago, how time flies.

On one of those late nights at a venue in London Kings Cross is where I met Paul (from the Anti-Poets) He offered me my first gig at the Camden Eye and has been a HUGE supporter ever since.

So Paul called me when he knew I was recording Pen Voyage chapter 1; Singing for Change and told me about an opportunity offered to them to play a full week at the Edinburgh Fringe on the Royal Mile, WOULD I LIKE TO PLAY A COUPLE OF DAYS?

Erm... yeah!

So, booked my ticket, booked my accommodation and waited for August to arrive.

This tour has been filled with lessons and experiences, one of them being, sometimes things don't go according to plan. Sometimes, circumstances beyond your control will come up and you just have to roll with the punches. For someone like me, that's not cool. I love to plan, make to do lists and organise some may say I am borderline obsessive... but eh!

So when our train that was scheduled to arrive at Edinburgh at 3pm was delayed by 180 mins!!! I had to remember to breathe BREATHE LANRE

As if that wasn't enough stress for one day, when we got to the guest house we booked, the manager told us there were problems with the rooms we booked so he has to drive us to a new accommodation he arranged for us.
The owner of the replacement B&B is the lovely lady called Grace and not only is she the best host ever, spending two nights at hers was a lovely I didn't want to leave ;)

For those who have never been to the Edinburgh Fringe, it's like creativity of all forms and shape decide to converge on one long Mile for days on end. AMAZEBALLS

For two days I shared my songs with people at the Peartree Garden with the rest of the RRRANTS team and I also had an extra spot to make up for the slot I lost due to the train delays.

I had a spare moment for Helen the caricaturist to draw me something too.. LOVE IT!!


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Oladele R. Olunike said...


Thoroughly enjoyed your post...quite an instructive story...more like a voyage. is full of things-not-always-going-as-planned experiences.
I share your page of liking to plan and execute to plan without apologies.
Though I have also learnt it's not always the case.
Nevertheless, my constant consolation is in "ALL things work together for good..." 

Glad your story ended well in all sighted instances; you got a special spot back, to make up for your lost playing time, got another already reserved accommodation and a Paul, Grace and Helen.

I reckon we all need a 'Paul' 'Grace' and 'Helen' when things may not be going as planned sometimes. 

Do enjoy the rest of your gigs! Routing for you all the way Ore.
Trust you will keep us (your blog followers) updated.


Oladele Olunike.

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