Monday, 26 November 2012

Music... the language of friendship

Music is the language of friendship

Last month I had the opportunity to play in Paris.

When I go out to play I sometimes have my friend Richard Burrell play the second guitar. but for the most part, I am a solo performer....My guitar and I 

One of the challenges i find with playing on my own is that I sometimes feel uncomfortable (or maybe it’s just nerves) playing with other musicians especially if I've NEVER played with them or heard any of their work.

It was suggested that I play with four Paris based musicians on the last day of the tour.  My initial reaction was of course erm… nope.

I finally said yes when I was told that the bass player had been rehearsing the songs for a few days and the flute player asked for a set list to start her own rehearsals.

I figured that the least I could do when musicians had gone the extra mile to listen to my music and book a rehearsal space was to give it a listen and perhaps add another dimension to my experience in Paris.

Rehearsals was set at Sybil’s (the flute player’s) flat.

A few weeks before the tour, I was asked to write a song for an event GELE TEA a couture fashion event that helps raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. I wrote and performed the song “MEMORIES” at the event and have since played the song at gigs. 

The song apart from it being about the obvious subject matter of memory loss, for me, it also is a song about trust and friendship.

Rehearsals felt like I was playing with long lost friends. It felt VERY familiar.

Shafik (the drummer with the warmest smile) did put a wider smile on my face on the train home when he said 

                  “I don’t speak English but I speak music”

Enjoy the video of us rehearsing “MEMORIES” below 




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Kade Alli said...

.............though tongue and tribe may differ, in music we unite......