Wednesday, 21 May 2014

HOME Liner Notes - Track 1 | 21 Days

I write because I don't have all the answers. 

Always searching, seeking and hoping to find.

21 Days is my take on the conversation that (may have taken) took place between Daniel and an angel called Gabriel.

Do you pray?

If you do, what do u pray about and why do you pray?
Does it make any difference?

There's a point in the Daniel and Gabriel conversation that always gets me. When the angel told Daniel that he already made his way to help from the first day Daniel prayed.

What the heck took you 21 days Gabriel? 3 weeks ?!?!

My afro would have grown a whole inch in the time it took the angel to come to Daniel's aid.

Gabriel's explanation though, favours the saying "there's more to life than meets the eye"

There are people who believe that prayer is an excuse for apathy or laziness.

 Some turn to prayer when they feel helpless and don't know what to do.

and then there are some who would explore all options and then pray when come to the point where nothing else works.

There are those who pray before each meal and then pray before they select what outfit to wear

 Some pray when the day starts and others, when the day ends.

What ever category you fall into, I think there must be an element of belief in divine intervention (or) and a higher power in everyone who prays otherwise there'll be no need to

                                   Question is though, do you believe?


would you still hold on to your faith if you have to wait 21 days for an intervention or response?

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