Monday, 5 October 2009

My rant about AVON

A couple of days ago, I received the Avon catalogue in my mailbox with a note attached saying to leave the catalogue at my doorstep by a said date if I am not interested in placing any order or kindly return it to a specified mailbox number if I didn’t mind doing so. As the sales rep’s door number is a stone throw from mine, I decided to return the catalogue in her mailbox. Actually if my memory serves me right, I did not look through the catalogue before returning it because I was hard on cash and didn’t want to be tempted to buy something I did not need.

When I checked my mail box on my way in from work the day after, to my surprise, the Avon catalogue was in there again from the same sales representative with the same note about leaving at my front door by a specified date if I was not interested in placing an order. OK, what the hell is going on here? I thought to myself.
As it was a Friday evening, I decided to look through the catalogue as I waited for something interesting to come up on tele. Even though there were some really nice products with fairly affordable price tags, I still wasn’t going to place an order for anything…. Yep, that’s how disciplined I am. NOT. Lol! As I flipped through the pages, something was visibly missing or should I say someone? All the models were Caucasian! I went back o the first page and carefully looked through all the pages looking for a face or skin colour that looks similar to the one turning the pages…Moi, but found non.

I then decided to write a short note to the Avon rep (indicating my door number!) ‘Thanks but NO thanks' was my opening line and I stated why I was not ordering from her. Ok, I know my reason had nothing to do with the models and their shade of skin but I thought for a brand that would make the extra effort of placing their catalogue in my letter box TWICE within a space of 48 hours, having faces that represent the consumer market they are trying to reach isn’t asking for too much. I know some people might say well, they do have other non-cosmetic products in there that’s not skin shade specific. Yeah, yeah I still ain’t buying and it’s got nothing to do with my skin colour either. If you’re asking why, then you must have missed my first paragraph.

I will let you know what my neighbour has to say in response to my rant, if she gets back to me that is.

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