Friday, 23 October 2009

Show me an Angel - Review of ANGELS in my HAIR by Lorna Byrne

I am a believer in the fact that there’s more to life than what we see day in day out. Just beyond the curtain there’s a whole new life filled with angels, souls of those who have passed on, some think animals that have died are included in that mix, but I don’t know about that. In my continual search for the whys and the hows of why we go through pain and loss and why sometimes after we’ve prayed and believed that a loved one will be healed and not die, the opposite happens, I came across Lorna Byrne; she was being interviewed by Jeni Barnett at LBC. A soft spoken lady, she narrated with ease her experience with the world beyond ours; her encounter with angels from as little as two!

I immediately placed my order for Angels in my hair via Waterstones online, when the book refused to arrive after 10days, I went on Amazon and ordered a copy. Needless to say while I was a few chapters into my copy from Amazon, my earlier Waterstones order arrived. I popped it in the post to my lil’ sister in Canada; I needed to share this compelling story with someone else and because we recently lost dad, I reckoned she probably has the same questions I have bouncing in her head.

I was surprised by the challenges and losses that Lorna still had to endure though she had and still has constant encounter with angels. I expected that her journey through life would be easier than less spiritually conscious people. Not only was she raised in abject poverty, she suffered rejection from her immediate family members and termed retarded when they did not understand why she seemed not to focus on the world around her. Can you imagine being shown who your husband would be and then to be told that you weren’t going to live old and grey together? I know! I thought that was unfair too.

You can’t help but ask questions when you read this book, it gets you thinking and wondering how much we think we really know. Angels in my hair was an easy read, an account of an ordinary woman’s extraordinary encounter with life beyond everyday experiences.

I found comfort in her account of what death is all about. ‘Death is like rebirth’ she said. It does make a lot of sense to me and gives me a sense of comfort to know that this isn’t all there is to life.

I know a lot of people will be sceptical and probably think it’s a whole lot of rubbish. All I’ll say is this, you have to keep an open mind to read this book and just because you can’t see it does not mean it’s not happening.

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