Sunday, 7 February 2010

Fixing Barbie

Track Listing

1. I bet you look good on the dance floor
2. Love is..
3. Light outside my window
4. Living with riri (Ugly yesterday)
5. Sorry.. I’m a Christian
5. Ode to a supermodel
6. Beautiful
7. Next
8. Coffee in the morning
9. Childhood photographs
10.The shoe queen
11. Floatin’
12. Sing Dorothy

I was at the album launch last year and had the best album launch experience I have ever had! Michaela and Team Barbie were amazing and there is no reason why this production should not have its run at the West End. As soon as you press play you come face to face with what exactly needs fixing with Barbie. Michaela does a good job with every track to bring the needed to solution to issues of identity, self esteem and true Love. It’s not your usual run off the mill album so I have to warn you that you pick up at your own peril. It is a creative and lovely work of art in my opinion and should be in every girl’s ipod, MP3 players, car stereos and what not!

Don’t get me wrong, boys will love it too but I AM A GIRL! :-)

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