Tuesday, 9 February 2010

THE SEA - Corinne Bailey Rae

Track Listing

Are you here
I’d do it all again
Feels like the first time
The blackest lily
Love’s on its way
I would like to call it beauty
Paris nights/New York mornings
Paper dolls
Diving for hearts
The Sea

After a hiatus of nearly two years, Corinne Bailey Rae’s new album THE SEA is finally here. I placed my order on the 1st of Feb and like many, couldn’t wait for it to be delivered; I wanted the physical CD in my hands you see so I wasn’t buying it in digital format!

This project is a lot different from her self titled debut album, the songs understandably are a bit darker, her voice, evidently more mature. One song that got my attention was Love's on it's way it goes something like;
I want to be able to say I did more, more than pray/ I did more than spend my money/ Just writing letters/ Than just going out marching/ I did more than talking and saying the right thing/ Wearing the right thing/ It’s time for uprising!

Corinne who has always noted that she sees herself as an artist rather than a performer dedicated this album to the memory of her late husband Jason Bruce Rae

I would love to experience CBR live, I love the way she writes and crafts her art, so I have included that on my wish list and glad to include this project in my album collection.
So should you.

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