Wednesday, 3 March 2010


One day I looked in the mirror and asked myself;

“Who are you?”

And so began my journey of self discovery. I have always been in one choir or another and I have had the most amazing experience(s) of my life. Being a part of a large group of creative people teaches you a lot of things one of them being team work. You see people trying to sound a tad bit louder than the rest of the team; anything to be noticed and heard. You also learn to listen for the next person because the choir sounds best when they sing as one. In the choir I met some amazing individuals who we went on to be the collective known as GK REAL..

Whoa! That taught me something alright! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WHEN YOU SET YOUR HEART TO IT! I remember our first official gig in Sheringham, I remember our first trip to the US. Oh we had a blast travelling, singing, recording our first album. Working with GK REAL, I re-discovered my love for writing. It has always been my first love but it went on the back burner when living life to pay bills took over. As amazing as the GK REAL experience is, I realised that there was something in me wanting to find expression, something more than organising the group’s dates, singing the harmonies and chasing churches for cheques. (unbelievable, but true! Lol!)

Early this year, it was decided that we take time out to concentrate on working on individual projects for a while and that took me back to the question I asked myself many months ago.

“Who are you?”

A little over twelve months ago I cut off my hair and decided to wear it all natural. What’s that got to do with who you are? I hear you ask. Well, the thing was I couldn’t remember what my natural tight African curls felt or looked like. I wore a perm from the first time my mum FINALLY allowed me to have one and as soon as I had a taste of that ‘crack’ there was no going back for me. I mean I could run my fingers through my hair! But believe it or not, the courage to cut it all off and start over again gave me the courage to learn to play the guitar; Crazy how everything is linked eh? Something happens when you let go and allow those curls grow I tell ya!

I am not your knock relaxers and straighteners, fist in the air Nubian queen, I am just excited about this journey and wanted to share because what I thought was my own story I find is connected to someone else’s story.

I have had a few guitar lessons and started writing songs again and my first song is called beautiful; a story of a little girl that’s always wanted to be like everyone else till she discovered who she was; BEAUTIFUL.

Last Saturday I plucked up the courage to play my song in front of a little crowd of people, strumming one string after another. That was fun, I tell ya! I think I will do this more often.

I am excited about this journey and I can’t wait to see what else I discover about ME.

SO, who are YOU? Beautiful.

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