Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Singers, Songwriters & Musicians

I am surrounded by so many creative people and I love it when I get to share the same airspace with them.

I can tell from experience that Monday mornings is the probably the worst day for most of them simply because they probably spent the weekend gigging or working on a project in the studio somewhere so, Monday really feels like crap and most wish they could find a away to make their creative juices pay for their day to day living but the thought of pilling bills shoots the energy needed to tap away at those keyboards in an open plan office, up their veins.

Tap, tap, tap….. goes the keys.

Well, on Saturday the 17th of April, you get to spend some time with a lady who has worked hard at making sure those dreams become a reality for her.

Her name is Isa Agape and you can check out her resource page at

For £25.00 only you get to hear how she transitioned from being a broke artists to selling thousands of CDs at the Albany Theatre – Deptford. (See fler above for more info)

To book your tickets please call Ayo 07957466322 or Lanre 0787 6541948

I hope to see you there…

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