Thursday, 8 September 2011

Help comes....

Yesterday I was privileged to support a friend on his journey.

Breis is a Nigerian Hip Hop Rap artist, writer, education creative consultant and entrepreneur based in the UK and yesterday was the official launch of his first book, Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students.

Apart from the great vibe of the whole night, what stood out was that everyone present were not only there to witness and share the moment with Breis but were or have been in one way or another an inspiration, help, encouragement along his journey. Breis also made a note of how he's been blessed with people to help him along the way.

No man is an island.

I got back from my tour in Toronto yesterday morning and I can't but be grateful to the guys that helped me make the trip possible. It's amazing how God connects you with people and the help you need at the appropriate time.

Canadian Singer Songwriter Kim Jarrett


I had one gig confirmed before I got on the plane I ended up playing five!! I COULD NOT have done that without help.

Help showing up in unexpected places is one of the things I'm learning on this journey...

So... as you go about your day(s) I pray all the help you need comes your way. All of the universe is working together to help you as you go about inspiring and helping others. SOMEONE is always rooting for ya! :)

You can buy Breis' new book here

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