Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Singing for Change acoustic tour - Toronto

A few months ago before I even started recording the vocals for my project 'Pen Voyage Chapter 1; Singing for Change, I knew I wanted to plan a mini tour and I also knew I wanted to take the tour to Toronto. Not sure why but I just liked the idea of carrying my guitar on back and going to a different country and sharing my songs.

As soon as the idea started to take shape in my mind, I got on the internet (thank God for Google right?) and began searching for live music venues and got down to the business of introducing myself.

"... I am a British singer songwriter and would like to play at your AMAZING venue, please check out my music here...."

The emails and responses came rushing in, I couldn't keep up with the calls and emails asking me to come play....right? HELL to the NO!!

But, not one to give up, I started looking for Canadian Singers & Songwriters on twitter (twitter has been amazing to me, I tell ya) it was on twitter that I met Kim Jarrett and Brent Smith (see my last blog 'HELP comes')

Taking one step of faith after another isn't the easiest thing but my thoughts were... if I don't do it now, when?

I booked my ticket and with one confirmed 30 minute slot on Kim's Sunday evening show at Spirits Bar and Grill in downtown Toronto, I got on the 8 hour flight and made up my mind to have a blast no matter what.

One gig became two and then five! yep FIVE! As I played from one venue to the next I did just that... had a blast. It's amazing how music unites people. People who I would have otherwise never met or spoken to, I got to meet and share stages and spaces with.

To say it was all filled with exciting emotions would be a lie. Some nights I questioned my reasons for coming out to a place and scene where no one knew me or my music. I doubted and second guessed myself on some nights BUT in all, I learnt a bit more about myself and others. More importantly, I got to appreciate my growth as an artist.

After ten days and nights and it was time to head back home, I was so proud of myself and I should be!

PEN VOYAGE CHAPTER 1; SINGING FOR CHANGE is out on Friday the 30th of September


Anonymous said...

So glad you found me and came to play in Toronto! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you found me and came to play in Toronto! :)