Monday, 28 November 2011

Pen Voyage Liner Notes - Track 9

Track 9 on the album Pen Voyage Chapter 1; Singing for Change is "SOPHIA"

I love to read a well written story and getting lost in all the characters and their stories is one of the things I really love.

I was at a very low place in my life; as I had just lost my dad. I was looking for answers beyond the usual sayings of 'God has a purpose' and 'everything happens for a reason.'

I heard about the novel by Canadian author William P Young The Shack this is one of those books that grip you from the first page. It helped me come to terms with life, death and everything in between and after I finished reading the book one the characters in the novel; Sophia kept coming up and I wrote a song about her.

Sophia is a song about choices, decisions and wisdom.

Everyday we are faced with decision making some of them not so major and some can mean the difference between life and death; literally. The thread that runs through the verses in the song is mainly issues that relate to women mainly (and of course men)

Who do I marry? When will I marry? When will he ask me to marry him?

For most women when it comes to the issue of marriage we have been raised in a culture where we wait to be asked and for some that waiting takes longer than most.

For some, the waiting takes 'so long' that pressure to settle for anything and anyone starts to come from all directions. While I am not a marriage counselor and the issue of women, marriage and choice can hardly be dealt with in a couple of verses, choruses and a bridge, I tried to center all my thoughts on this character called Sophia

She is the wisdom that helps you make those decisions when the voices around you are trying to drown out your God given intuition.

The bridge goes...

"When I open my eyes at the break of dawn,
will you still be here or will you be gone?"

This is what I know for sure; the still small voice never leaves you.

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